4 Easy Ways to Beat the Bookies

Providing you’re sensible, realistic with your targets and expectations, and know when to call it a day, gambling is one of the best pastimes you could wish for. Gambling is a great way to have fun, experience adrenalin rushes, and hopefully bag yourself some money in the process. When we gamble, more often than not our primary incentive is to make some money. For some, the incentive could be to make A LOT of money. While there are of course no guaranteed ways of beating the bookies for certain, with things like free bets, matched betting, and other useful strategies, there are potentially a number of things you can do to increase your odds of beating the bookies. Here are some prime examples.

Don’t always back the favourite

Okay, say for example, you are gambling on a horse race. Before placing your bet, you will likely have a list of the horses running in the race, along with the odds of them winning. The horse most likely to win will have the best odds, but that doesn’t automatically mean that it is going to win. Any of the horses racing would have a chance, though obviously some will be at a bigger advantage than others. When placing a bet, don’t be afraid to back something or someone other than the favourite, as this could potentially bag you more money if it/they win.

Know what you are betting on

If you’re just looking to have a bit of fun and maybe win a bit of extra spending money, you can bet small amounts on whatever you like. If you are actively looking to beat the bookies and net yourself some decent cash, it is best to do your homework and to know what you are betting on. If you’re betting on the football, the more you know about the game, and indeed the teams that are taking part, the better your chances will be of having your bet come in. If for example, you know that there’s a match coming up between two teams, with one team having a losing track record against the other, on paper you will know who to back. It’s little insider knowledge like that that helps give you an edge.

Use free bets

Free bets are often offered to new customers as welcome bonuses and incentives to convince them to deposit funds into an account and create a profile. A free bet is exactly as it sounds, it is a free bet that you can use to potentially win some money. Different websites and bookmakers have different terms and conditions, so it is important that you read them. If however, you find a company offering free bets, they are well worth utilizing.

Keep it small

If you’re betting on the football, an accumulator may be appealing because by spending very little, you can potentially win a huge amount of money. The more teams/results you include in your accumulator, the more you stand to win. The problem is that the more selections you include, the smaller your odds become of winning. Stick with a few teams/results/selections and start small. Remember, any profit is a good profit.

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