Free Bets

There’s nothing like adding some extra excitement to a match or a race by putting some money down on the outcome. The problem is that not everyone has the money lying around to make bets. So what if there was a way to bet for free? Free bets do exist. There are many different kinds of free bets though, so take a look through our guide to learn more about what free bets are and what free bets UK you can find.
What are Free Bets?

If you’ve looked at an online bookmaker or done any research into betting online you’ve likely come across free bets. These are offers that a bookie will make available to attract you to making bets through them. It’s a small amount of extra money that you can use to bet through the site. They are generally offered with no obligation too, meaning that you don’t need to stick with the website to make the most out of them. They give you a chance to see what a bookie has to offer and maybe make a little money in the process.

What Free Bets UK Are Available?

Matched Bets

Matched bets are the most common type of free bet. When you place a bet with the bookie they will “match” it with a free bet of their own. These matched bets are generally 100% of up to a certain amount of money. Your bookie might offer you a £25 matched bet for example. This would mean that if you made a £25 bet then the bookie would add £25 to the bet for a total bet of £50.

A smaller bookie may offer a smaller matched bet, such as only matching 50% of the bet. These matched bets generally require a larger initial bet as well, like offering a 50% matched bet up to £25. This would require you to bet £50 yourself to get the £25 matched bet, but you wouldn’t need to bet this much in our first example. Every matched bet generally has a minimum odds limit as well, typically 1.5-2.0 (1/2-evens).

With online betting becoming more competitive you may even find matched bets of up to 200% or 300%. While you might not get a larger free bet, there is a much lower barrier to entry. So you might find an offer saying you can bet £10 and get £20 free. This is £30 overall, not as much as the other offers, but you only have to bet £10 of your own money to get started.

Risk-Free Bets

Risk-free bets are a new idea and they are only offered by some sportsbooks, but they’re worth looking into. We enjoy them because they make betting much more fun and accessible, particularly for beginners.

A risk-free bet allows you to make a regular bet and have your bet refunded up to a certain amount if you lose. So if you found a £25 risk-free bet you would be entitled to claim £25 free if you lose £25 on your first bet. Much like matched bets, they may come with minimum odds. In this case 2.0 (evens).

Risk-free bets are a great idea. They allow you to have another chance at making some money. There are two ways to make the most out of a risk-free bet. The first is if you’re confident that you’ve picked a winner. Use the bet in order to not lose. If you happen to lose then you can get your money back and try again. The other is to on a larger and riskier bet. If you know that you’ve got a risk-free bet on your side you’re more comfortable making bets with odds of 10/1 or higher. Make sure you still bet to win though!

No-Deposit Free Bet

No-deposit free bets are rare to find but worth looking into. This is when you get a free bet for doing nothing more than just opening your account with the bookmaker. They present an ideal way to start betting without risk but they are limited to very small amounts; rarely more than £10.They also occasionally come with rollover requirements or minimum odds that delay you from withdrawing winnings.

No-deposit bonuses and free bets are great for new gamblers. Just remember that it might be difficult to withdraw any winnings after making the bet. If you’re going to keep betting though and you’re happy with the bookmaker offering them, then there’s no reason to not use them.

Deposit Match Bonus

There’s no need to even make a bet with a matched deposit free bet UK. The problem is that these are very rare and are generally only found with online casinos. If you do happen to come across one though then we recommend depositing the full amount and spreading your bets across a range of markets to take full advantage of it.

Structured Free Bets

A structured free bet rewards gamblers for subsequent bets on top of their first bet. To put it simply, a structured free bet is based on a traditional matched bet, where a bookie will match the initial bet up to a predetermined amount. This could be presented as a matched bet on the first three bets you make up to £100 for example, meaning that you are rewarded for more than just your first bet.

This is certainly a novel feature of online betting that engages players beyond their first bet, but there are some disadvantages to it. They typically have lower matched bet thresholds because they are presented multiple times for example. They might also come with strict terms on the rollover conditions, requiring you to make bets worth several times the amount of the bonus before you can withdraw winnings.

As you can see there are lots of different free bets UK out there. Find the right kind of free wager for you at a good bookie and get started. They give you the chance to learn more about a bookie, betting in general, and more – all without having to spend (too much) of your own money.

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