Hilarious and Bizarre Bets

As you’re probably aware, there are currently more betting sites in the world than ever before. The online gambling industry is now more popular than ever, with more and more betting sites popping up every single week. Providing you bet responsibly, gambling and betting is one of the most enjoyable pastimes you could ever wish for.

Not only is it an exciting way to pass the time, it also happens to be a great way to potentially make some money. When we think of betting, we often think of football matches, boxing matches, and perhaps well-known TV talent shows. You may be surprised to learn however, that you can actually bet on so much more. To prove it, here’s a look at some hilarious and bizarre bets placed by real people over the years.

Back to the Future

Back in 1989, the world was a very different place to how it is now. Technology didn’t dominate our everyday lives, children played outdoors instead of on tablets and games consoles, and if people wanted to place a bet, they had to get off their backsides and walk down to the local bookies. That’s exactly what a Welshman with an apparent ability to see into the future actually did one day. Although the world was very different back then, as the saying goes ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’. This individual decided to create 5-fold accumulator based on things staying the same until the year 2000. This wasn’t a football bet however. His acca included: Cliff Richard being given a knighthood, Neighbours, Home and Away, and Eastenders still being shown on TV, and U2 still being together. As you know, all of those things came to fruition, and are still true to this day in fact. This bet nabbed him roughly a quarter of a million pounds.

A Rapid Decision

Swimming the English Channel is a feat very few people will achieve. It is remarkable and back in 1875, a man named Matthew Webb did exactly that. A former member of the navy, after a few too many rums he accepted a wager that he could swim directly across the Whirlpool Rapids of Niagara Falls. Sadly, he lost the wager and unfortunately lost his life in the process.

A Bet is a Bet

Brian Zembic was a young man who liked to party with hid buddies. His buddies, who were obviously pretty well off, all decided to chip in and create a pot of around $100,000. This pot wasn’t for poker however, it was for Zembic. The money was Brian’s on one condition: He had to have breast implants surgically implanted and wear them for an entire year. Brian accepted the bet and earned the money a year later. He actually earned a heck of a lot more as his story was picked up by a lot of newspapers and media outlets, and he was also featured in a number of books. Looking back, it was probably the “breast” decision he could have made.

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