More Unbelievable Gambling and Betting Sites Stories

We all enjoy a flutter now and then, don’t we? Gambling is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and providing you are sensible, it can be a whole lot of fun and can potentially make you some serious money. With more and more betting sites opening up shop every single day, the world, it appears, has gone gambling mad. Even though online gambling and betting sites are so hugely popular nowadays, the entire concept behind gambling is nothing new. The human race has been gambling for centuries upon centuries in some capacity, which is why there are some truly legendary gambling stories out there. Here’s a look at yet more unbelievable gambling and betting sites stories that you won’t believe. Take it from us however, they are all true.

Ashley Revell’s bet

If you’re a fan of gambling, or reality TV, you may be familiar with a game show entitled ‘Double or Nothing’. In 2004, a pro gambler from the UK, who went by the name Ashley Revell, made history. He emptied out his entire life-savings, sold all of his possessions other than the clothes he was wearing at the time, and gambled it all on one single spin of a roulette wheel in Vegas. The total amount was around $135,300, or £102.794. He bet it all on red. If the ball landed on black, Ashley would have lost absolutely everything. Thankfully it landed on 7 red, netting Ashley $270,600. He doubled his money in seconds. After that, he tipped the dealer $600, thanked him, and left. He used his winnings to create an online poker company.

8-year-old poker pro in the making?

Back in 2010, the story goes that an 8-year-old boy from India, was somehow able to win $500,000 by taking part in an online tournament. The child is alleged to be a genius when it comes to computers, and by age 5 he was apparently very good at online poker. When he won the tournament, the story goes that he was not granted payment as a result of his age. The child’s family are said to have taken the website to court, although the outcome of that case has not been reported.

Granny knows best

According to experts, the odds of having 154 consecutive winning rolls when it comes to craps are apparently 1 in 1.56 Trillion. Surely then, nobody has ever beaten these odds? Well, as it turns out, they have. The winner wasn’t some card-counting whizz or pro poker player with years of experience behind them, the winner was an elderly lady in Atlantic City, named Patricia Demauro. While in Atlantic City, she fancied a game of craps, made her way over to the craps table with $100 to play about with, and straight away got lucky with her first roll. She had never played before, rolled again, and again she won. She won again, and again, and again, and again, and so on… More than 4 hours she was playing, without leaving the table, and people had never seen anything like it. We’re not sure how much she won, as some say hundreds of thousands of dollars while others say millions. If you want to find out more about Patricia however, you can check the Guinness Book of Records, as her legendary craps game is recognised as a World-Record.

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