The Biggest Betting Sites Wins Ever!

People gamble and use betting sites for a whole variety of different reasons. Some people do it to pass the time, some love the thrill of it all, and some do it with the intention of winning some serious money. We’re not just talking a few quid here and there either, we’re talking about serious, life-changing money. One of the best ways of potentially winning big, without having to gamble a fortune is by creating an accumulator. You see, with an accumulator, you can spend as little as one pound, and potentially win hundreds, if not thousands. Sure, the odds are against you, but it’s certainly far from impossible to win. To help give you a bit of a morale boost, here’s a look at some of the biggest accumulator betting sites wins ever.

£1.45 Million from a £2 bet

There are virtually no other investments in life, other than a lottery ticket, that will offer you a £1.45 Million return from a £2 stake, yet that is exactly what Steve Whitely managed to bag for himself. Back in 2011, a plumbing engineer named Steve Whitely decided to try his hand at a horse-racing accumulator. Steve selected six horses on the Exeter tote jackpot from a wide range of horse racing meets across Ireland and the UK. The accumulator cost him just £2, yet when the sixth and final horse that he had bagged came in at first place, Steve suddenly became a millionaire, nabbing himself £1.45 Million.

Craggs to riches

Our next story takes us to ‘God’s own country’ the county of Yorkshire. A 60-year old Yorkshireman by the name of Fred Craggs placed a 50p bet on an 8-fold horse-racing accumulator. His accumulator was for a selection of horse races from all over the world. Cragg’s 50p bet netted him a fantastic £1 Million. Best of all is the fact that Fred had no idea he had won, because as the odds were so slim, he didn’t bother to find out the results. He only found out that he had won when he went back to the bookies to place another bet. Ordinarily, Fred should have won £1.4 Million, but William Hill capped this to a million. In true Yorkshireman-style, Fred argued that he had ‘wasted 10p’ as betting 40p instead of 50p would still have given him the same winnings.

$305,000 from $5

It isn’t just here in the UK where people can potentially win big on sporting accumulators. It also turns out that things are very similar in the US. An anonymous gambler from Vegas backed a number of college basketball teams on a Saturday and Sunday, placing a $5 parlay bet. He also backed NBA pro teams ‘Golden State Warriors’ and ‘Detroit Pistons’. All teams won, but the money wasn’t his or hers just yet. They still needed Kansas to seal the deal for them on Monday. As this article is about massive accumulator wins, you can probably guess how Kansas faired when they played on Monday. Yep, some lucky punter spent just $5 and won $305,000 in return just three days later.

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